PUP 301- Introduction to Urban Planning: EXAM #2

  1. When you consider the traffic movement after the freeway construction has been completed hopefully it is flowing quickly and efficiently. But if you consider the flow of traffic during freeway construction it becomes very frustrating for every commuter that is utilizing it. Traffic itself may stop completely on the freeway or move so slowly that it may be better to use the surface streets in order to arrive at your destination. I am sure that the transportation planners are doing the best that they can in order to efficiently move traffic along.
  2. There have been various measures that local government ordinances have used to implement flexible zoning. Flexible zoning is a method of land use planning practices and methods that are utilized by local government agencies. The different measures of flexible zoning are Functional zoning, Performance zoning, Incentive zoning and Euclidean zoning. These different types of zoning measures have been utilized in the USA by local governments in order to effectively regulate various characteristic of buildings and edifices.
  3. The growth of a city needs to be properly managed in order to make sure that the various community’s needs are being properly met by the city planners. Important issues such as segregation will need to be properly addressed in order to prevent discrimination against any group of people so integration would need to be considered by the urban planners. The local governments both city and state will be required to elect political officials from the local communities to establish home rules that will be good for the various neighborhoods where the diverse cultural characteristics of the communities can be expressed opening.
  4. City zoning rules can be utilized as an important tool for communities by allowing and not allowing certain variables that can defend the privileges of groups of people.  Not In My Backyard or NIMBY can be utilized by communities in order to prevent certain types of developments from being constructed that may be a hindrance and deterrent to their property values.
  5. Structural unemployment can only be properly dealt with by providing employment opportunities to the local communities where the citizens of the community will have the skills required for the jobs and also live near by where the jobs are located. Structural unemployment is a permanent type of unemployment and can only be properly dealt with in the long run and with enough time. Global job losses can also cause structural unemployment and an example of this is that an American manufacturer moves his business out of the country to another country where the wages are lower, structural unemployment has just occurred in America, but this has actually become a global phenomena happening in all nations.
  6. Regional planning is considered to be a difficult process because it tends to deal with the efficient placement of land utilization, land infrastructures, and community growths across a larger area of land utilization. Regional planning requires various land utilization processes such as protection for farms and ranches, as well as wilderness areas.



7. The planning difference that exists between the USA and those of other nations is that in the USA regional planning may encompass more that one state and may involve the national planning agency of Regional Planning Association and networks of settlements. In the USA regional planning is also likely to cover a much larger geographical area while in other nations in Europe and especially the UK these conditions are not so even though they both address issues of regionalism.